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  • Generate your own electricity and insulate yourself from the ever rising cost of domestic fuel price increases.

  • Earn from the electricity you generate and use and sell excess back to the grid.

  • Guaranteed lifespan of 20-25years.

  • Works on daylight as well as direct sunlight, so you will yield a result even on cloudy days. ( See map below ).

  • Virtually maintenance free, no moving parts means very little can go wrong with your system.

  • Reduce and offset carbon emissions by up to 1 tonne per annum,

  • Enhance the value and sale-ability of your house.    


Solar PV systems use cells to convert sunlight into electricity.

The PV cell consists of one or two layers of a semi conducting material,
usually silicon. When light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers causing electricity to flow. The greater the intensity of the light, the greater will be the flow of electricity.

PV cells are referred to in terms of the amount of energy they generate in full sunlight; known as kilowatt peak or kWp

The Solar Cell is the basic building block of Solar PV technology.
Most people are familiar with the PV Solar Cells that power calculators. These cells are wired together to form a module (PV Solar Panel).


The PV Modules gather solar energy in the form of sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter can convert this DC power into alternating current (AC power, which is the type of electricity used in your home).
 PV Modules are joined together to form a PV Solar Panel system. Large PV systems can be integrated into buildings to generate electricity.


Solar Action only sources products from the world leaders in the production of this fast moving and ever evolving technology.
As a totally independent company we will source and install whichever particular brand or product the customer specifies provided it meets government standards and has the correct accreditation.
Unless instructed otherwise Solar Action will only use the monocrystalline panels, as these are proven and yield greater results and superior performance.
After many years in manufacture, installation and maintenance, we can advise and guide you , sourcing products that suit our climate best, thus maximising your return on investment.
All products used by Solar Action will be fully MCS accredited and guaranteed to give a minimum of 80% output after 25 years.
Our products are all supported by a 20-year manufacturer’s performance guarantee. So when selecting your panels we look into which companies will still be here in 20 years to honour that warranty, which is why Solar Action only use branded top end panels.
As with our panels, the inverters we use will be established market leaders, and include a 5- year manufacturer’s warranty, which is the current industry standard for this type of product.