Wireless Door Entry System

What Is It?

accessdoor1The door phone is a wirefree unit providing voice and data communications from inside to outside the home or office.

The user can speak with visitors via the portable handset and remotely operate the door or gate if they wish to let them in.

Simple and fast to install, the Door Phone is both attractive and practical and has an exceptional degree of reliability as it utilises Daitem’s DynaPass® frequency agile radio transmission technology.

Many applications including gate opening, door release, garage door triggering, external light switching and communications between the caller unit and portable handset, make the Door Phone extremely versatile. A twin button caller unit and keypad version is also available for twin premises.

accessdoor2The new Door Phone has rechargeable handsets and the options of anti-vandal metal covers for the caller units and ac power supplies for the controller. A telescopic antenna for the controller is supplied as standard.

  • Totally wirefree communications using DynaPass® Technology.
  • Portable phone for communication from house or garden to main entrance.
  • No need to cable between house and gate.
  • Remotely unlock front door.
  • Remotely trigger gate controller.
  • Trigger garage door and/or lighting (via accessory module)
  • View status of door and gate via handset’s display.
  • Charger and rechargeable batteries for handset.
  • Optional anti-vandal metal covers for external caller unit.
  • 3 years warranty (2 years standard, free extension to 3 years upon registration).